Additional Services

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Keep your body fit
  • Treadmill

    Trainings on treadmills are considered to be one of the most effective ways to burn fat and build up the heart muscle.

    All purposed simulator

    All purposed simulator is aimed for doing a large number of exercises and for working through almost all muscle groups.
  • Exercise Bike

    Perfectly stimulate the cardiovascular system, providing stable cardio training.

    Dumbbells and barbells

    Provide an effective fitness training, need for strength training and muscle building.

Transfer to or from airport

Safety and comfortable ride
  • Going in a comfort way

    Leave all the transfer questions about organization to professionals. "Ambassador" hotel will provide you with comfortable cars.

    Safety first

    Entrust the safety of your travel to reliable partners. Safety of guests is paramount.
  • Wi-Fi in the car

    Tell your relatives that you arrived safely to Bishkek. Cars have wireless internet access point.

    Phone charger

    Do not worry if phone battery is dead. In the cars of comfort class all the details are thought out: phone charger, water, napkins, payment terminal.


Don't forget to buy gifts for friends
  • No need to go to the market

    In Bishkek souvenirs are often sold in the market. Business person may not have time to go to the market. In the "Ambassador" hotel, you can buy souvenirs right in the lobby.

    A good choice

    In the "Ambassador" collected the most interesting, the most necessary and the most cheerful souvenirs. Choosing souvenirs will pleasantly surprise you with its variety.
  • Reasonable prices

    The purpose of the souvenir shop is primarily the provision of different range of services. Benefit’s question stood at the next place, therefore the prices are very reasonable for souvenirs.

    Quality products

    Among the huge number of souvenirs, the highest quality products are chosen for you in the "Ambassador".

Mini library

A good book - a gift bequeathed by the author to the human race. (Addison D.)
  • Comfortable corner

    Located in the hotel’s lobby mini-library creates a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

    Embellish waiting time

    Guests often spend time in the lobby waiting for partners or taxi. Embellish this time by reading at least couple paragraph of interesting book.
  • A pleasant evening with a book in the room

    What can be better than reading fascinating book in warm evening in the room of the comfortable hotel?

    Book on the road

    If you have your own book that you've read, you can leave it and take another. Enjoy the trip while reading an interesting book.


Warm up your bones
  • Relieve fatigue

    After a hard working day, sauna will help you to remove accumulated during the day, fatigue and stress.

    Warn the cold

    Sauna is very effective for the prevention or even treatment of the cold.
  • Work 24 hours

    Do not worry if you think that you can not have time to use the sauna. For you, we work 24 hours.

    All the details are considered

    If you want to take a sauna we will provide all the necessary equipment: wardrobe in the dressing room, slippers, robes, towels, bath accessories and so on.

Bicycles for rent

Discover Bishkek and outskirts with bicycle
  • Walk around the city

    Bicycle-the ideal transport for walks around the city. Avoiding traffic jams you can see all the sights of the city, go out of town and enjoy the mountain scenery.

    Sport and fun

    Everybody knows about the usefulness of cycling. Scientists note of the release of huge amounts of endorphins when riding a bicycle.
  • Eco transport

    By riding a bike, you will not only enjoy and care about health, but also do not bring any harm to the environment.

    The quality and convenience

    It is also important usability and quality of transport. We have chosen only high-quality and comfortable bikes for you.

Mobile phones and tablets for a rent

Stay connected with relatives
  • Profitable communication without roaming

    At the reception of the hotel you can get a phone with a local SIM card, which is already connected to the service, "The whole world". You can call both in Kyrgyzstan and abroad at very reasonable prices.

    Tablet for work

    Work, open the city map, watch videos and movies. For our guests we have tablets for rent.
  • No registration

    Usually each new number and the device it is necessary to register. Forget about such concerns, take and use it.

    Charge your balance

    At the reception of the hotel you can always charge your phone balance or the Internet.


  • Rejuvenate

    The ideal way to relieve fatigue and regain strength after a hard day's work - it is a professional massage.

    Best masters

    You will be served by certified professionals who regularly receive rapturous reviews from our guests.
  • Choosing a type of massage

    Select the desired type of massage to get the best effect: full body massage, back massage, sports massage, and so on.

    24 hours

    How convenient to get a massage at 3:00 o'clock in the morning immediately after arrival, if you have a business meeting at 9:00. Masters work for you 24 hours.