The guest of the hotel Ambassador - Marseilles.


The guest of the hotel Ambassador - Marseilles.

In February 2017, the popular Russian band Marseilles came to Bishkek with a concert. During their short visit, the trio chose one of the most popular hotels in Kyrgyzstan - "Ambassador". This choice was not accidental, the hotel was advised by a colleague on the stage, the member of the group "Prime Minister" Jan Milimerov. He stayed at the Ambassador in 2016, when he came to Bishkek with his concert show.

Members of the group "Marseilles" - Stepan Ledkov, Mitya Blinov and Eugene Babenko - were satisfied with their stay at the hotel. They were able to have a rest in comfort and had time to make a small warm-up before the concert in our gym.

After the performance, the trio was visited the Times Bar, located on the roof of our hotel, to enjoy the view of the night Bishkek and taste national dishes. Stepan and Eugene noted the amazing taste of shish kebab from mutton and beef. Mitya was delighted with the unique cocktail that the bartender made for him.

Participants of the group " Marseilles " also noted the cordial welcome, the convenience of the rooms and the attentiveness of the staff. According to them, they will necessarily choose "Ambassador" during their next visit. We wish to our guests success and looking forward to their return.